Monday, March 31, 2008

Housewife Kelly

Housewife Kelly is an attractive thirty-year-old self proclaimed housewife who loves sex and wants us all to see it. Her site goes back to 2006 and she offers around 80 videos and a number of photo series. Photos are unfortunately very small while videos come in average quality. Overall a decent amateur site, with a hint of Mandingo, and without being unique.
Intro promises "Welcome to my website! My name is Kelly. I'm a young housewife who loves sex and I started this website so I could share all of my homemade sex videos and xxx photos with you. This is my free movie preview. If you like what you see in this video, you'll love my members area. Thats where you will have full access to hundreds of my videos and thousands of my xxx photos."

Housewife Kelly is the personal website of Kelly Anderson, "a hot newcummer [sic]" who claims "[her] sex life is at its peak," hence her desire to document it on Housewife Kelly.

Kelly is a thirty-year-old slutwife/hotwife/MILF/swinger of flowing blonde hair. Star sign? Libra. Oh, and did I mention she's married? Did I really need to? I mean, the site is called Housewife Kelly... Anyhow, her cuckold husband, Shawn, was the first guy to cum on her face. Kelly explains, "I always wanted guys to do that, but I didn't want to ask them. Shawn didn't need to be asked. Every time we would fuck, he would pull his big cock out of me and cum all over my face. He knew I loved it. After he did it a few times, I began to ask for it. I knew I could be myself with him." That is so sweet — you know it's true love when you don't even have to ask your man to cum on your face, he just knows. I think it's clear you found yourself someone special, Kelly — don't blow it by making him shoot his loads inside your sex-hole. Excuse me, guys, I think I have something in my eye… oh, wait, it was just a tear, a single solitary teardrop. Anyway, Housewife Kelly documents the swinging adventures of Shawn and Kelly, the world's most romantic married couple.  
Our opinion It should be noted that Kelly also runs Barefoot Wife and it looks like a lot of the content on Housewife Kelly can also be found there. It should also be noted that Housewife Kelly is very much an amateur operation, meaning all the content is homemade and thus is oftentimes poorly lit and badly shot. If you're looking for professionally produced content made by people who know what they're doing, well, look elsewhere, friend.

The members area of Housewife Kelly displays all the videos on the site as well as a menu bar at the top of the page which contains links to other areas of interest (an extensive bio, a photo gallery, ye olde webcam, links to bonus sites, bonus material starring friends and a regularly updated blog). The simple layout makes navigation a breeze. Seriously, gang, this website couldn't be any less cluttered or any more easy to use.

We'll discuss the videos first, seeing as they're the most prominently displayed content in the members area. Currently, there are eighty videos on Housewife Kelly. You will need the Windows Media Player to play the videos, which are average-resolution at best and can be downloaded in two speeds (low and high). The videos cover a lot of ground, from blowjobs to girl-girl stuff and even threesomes (and foursomes!); heck, there's even a video featuring Kelly being fucked in a Hooters uniform! I'm warning you right now, the videos take forever and a day to download. I really can't stress that enough — you will be waiting a very long time to watch each video you choose to download. It's a fucking drag, especially when you take into consideration the fact that the videos only average about fifteen minutes in length. I guess you can peruse the photos on the site while you endlessly wait for your videos to finish downloading…

The photo gallery on Housewife Kelly is allegedly updated "pretty much every day" and is divided into the following categories: video screenshots, fetish video screenshots, XXX photos, fetish photos and my girlfriends, which contains twelve photosets starring women other than Kelly. I don't need to tell you that the photosets featuring screenshots are virtually worthless, do I? Of course I don't. You're a big boy now and you can handle the truth about life. There are oodles of photos in each set and all appear to be average-resolution. Photos can be viewed one at a time (sorry, guys, no slideshow option or zipped downloads).

Housewife Kelly also has a webcam, but it's actually just a link to Kelly's cam on AmateurCamz. No worries: AmateurCamz gives members access to hundreds of other cam whores. But back to Kelly: she does a cam show each and every Friday. With regards to bonus content, members are treated to eleven bonus scenes starring Kelly's friends as well as nine additional sites including Banging Sex Machines and Teen Sluts Need Ca$h. Those bonus sites are basically just feeds and the bonus scenes aren't really anything to write home about (but who would write home about porno?!). Bah.
Conclusion With average photos and average videos which load in below average time, Housewife Kelly is an average site. While I applaud Kelly and Shawn for making their marriage work by filming themselves fucking other people, I can't say I'm bowled over by their website which presents the evidence of these affairs.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sabrina Deep

If you think it's hard finding a MILF that truly loves sex, then you aren't looking in the right places. This hotwife loves it all, including promises to satisfy her sexual hunger through ass to mouth, deep throat, cum swallowing, water-sports and more while getting her groove on with her cuckold husband and her fans. There are pictures, videos, webcam schedules, video chat and a forum on her site.

This wild wifey, or Mandingo kitten looks like it would take quite a bit to tame her, and the magical combination hasn't been found yet. The tour area was a bit on the busy side, but not a nightmare in navigation. It looks from the high numbers of content promised that this will be some fun to venture through. Sabrina Deep is lovely with her long brown locks cascading across her slutwife nudity.
Well, I am having mixed emotions about the main membership page to this site. Yes, the ease is there, nothing confusing, but at the same time, it rings cold and impersonal in a way. The interface looks like the one you find on web forums run by phpBB software. You are brought directly to her private albums area, which when you click on the top of the page link for pictures, directs you right back to this page. It's stated that she carries 61 albums holding 3,505 files, so you have a nice amount of pictures to browse through.

They break things down under category headers such as Sabrina the Wifey with clothes on, Sabrina's deep throat, Sabrina's anal, and Sabrina's facials, just to name a few of what you'll find. The pictures were ok, they were clear enough but missing out slightly on that certain umph that would put them over the edge. They do enlarge to a decent 680x907 pixels opening in a separate window to display. Her images show that this woman is more than just frisky when it comes to fornicating, she goes the whole nine yards with the yearning. There is a slide show option to this site, but I didn't find any type of ZIP action.

There wasn't a huge number of videos to view here, but what they do have, hold long play times, so that pretty much makes up for any moaning you might be doing. There are 23 clips here, and it looks as though to round things off for an average time of play 18 minutes wouldn't be too far off course. The first one I watched came in at nearly 28 minutes, so as I said, they do give some length to their lust sessions.

No lies were told through the tour when she gave some details of things she enjoyed, because you'll catch her doing all of them here. This is a woman that if you were to get her in the bedroom, just be prepared that she will want all of the other rooms too, and your kitchen is definitely not safe, because she will show you just how good vegetables really are for you!

I watched quite a few of the films and one of my favorites was called, Squirting Madness, and with good reason. She has all holes filled snuggly, meaning there's a butt-plug in her ass, a dildo in her vaginal area and at the same time she's showing deep throat action. Of course she squirted, with everything filled that way, can you imagine how the pressure had built up?!

WMV is the format she offers and each video is available in only one size - either 320x240 (1400Kbps), and then the newer ones that seem to be higher resolution at 640x480 but lower bitrate (828Kbps). The quality of play is nice though, and she is going to show you things that you'll be happy having clarity to view it all with. These clips are downloading, and I just have to say, she is one of the most hard-core honeys I've watched in quite some time.

I really like the blog area on this site, in fact, I enjoy the layout of it much more than the main membership area itself. There is a lot of information held here, and it's just overall very nicely done. The forum area again is done with a professional look, and it holds 54 members with enough postings to give you some good reading material. Registering to her forum is the access into her webcam viewings, so it's tit for tat on that issue. There is a running clock letting you know when to expect her live next.

Deep Sabrina was actually a fun site to review, not because of a joyous layout with pretty colors that makes you have happy pants or anything like that, but because this woman is everything she said she would be, and more. If you can say someone is sexually out of control, it would be her, but the most fun part is, she knows and loves everything she's doing. It's a hardcore site, holding a nice amount of images, a lower amount of videos but long play times. You'll find a blog, a forum and her live webcam action as well here.
With a few improvements Deep Sabrina will be a really awesome site.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Real Wife Orgasms

A calligraphy effect to the lettering with a sweep of seduction leads you into the tour area of Wife Orgasms. Watching a woman climax is the most amazing and erotic experience, and they want to share it with men and women alike. This site celebrates the female orgasm, in movies that are close-up and completely homemade. What makes this concept even more exciting than Tom Byron's MILF movies, is the pledge this site is created and maintained by a real, 35 year old soccer mom. After discovering she was bisexual just a few short years ago she decided to put this site on her plate, next to being a mother of 2, an upper-middle class wife next door that goes to church regularly and even considers herself to be conservative for the most part. Updates are done in some areas most every day, whenever the urge to splurge strikes her. Some are done in the form of the forum or her web diary. A lot of what we'll see here will be self shots, but she does invite some of her friends to partake in the pulsating pussy action as well. There are three amateur produced video streams offered as well.

I am so looking forward to getting into the warm wet walls of this site. The concept alone is one that will pleasure many and the way they've put out the information through the tour area, something tells me the naughtiness will be brought to us in the form of class here. I feel like I've fallen into a puddle of pleasure and I haven't even broken down the membership walls yet.

For this site being designed and maintained by the lady with a love for orgasms, it has a sort of an adult industry look to it. The membership page immediately opens up to show the additional feeds that are offered when you pay the fee to see here, and then it breaks down into the 19 episodes that are offered. I've not seen anything that resembles images, so it's the movies that really tug on their heart strings here, when they pull the vibrator from the panties drawer. However, after scouring throughout a bit, you will see some penetration by her husband as well, so it's not all tits and toys here. Some episodes are broken down into 4 pieces each, but most are available as just one file. Running time is around 6-7 minutes. Each video is about 25-40 mb in size.

Ok, I have to interject some thoughts here. The lady you find inhabiting the finger plunging and battery humming happenings is a pretty BBW, with fleshy thighs that you'll enjoy watching her part. However, I must admit, it makes me smile over the fact that she wears dark sunglasses throughout all of the self pleasure she shows on film, a bit of a twist that adds to the mystery maybe? Her expressions and positions don't really change much as she's taking matters into her own hands, which I would have liked seeing her maybe assuming some other positions to capture a different feeling while she was getting to know herself better, but for the most part, that didn't happen.

What did take place though was some exceptional close up shots of her orgasms. One seems to have been done around Halloween, during this set she has a countdown effect with the orgasm at hand as the camera zeros in on showing exactly what her V area is doing. This was really nice, sort of like an experiment caught on film that went off without a hitch. As if her puffy mound had its own life attainable organs you can nearly see the heart beat of her flower as it begins to bloom, the in and out type drawing as the dampness begins to rush forward. Yes, that part of the videos was well shot and well performed, which makes me still happy to do this review, because the originality of it makes for a nice afternoon of work.

The broken down snips that are offered for some of the sets does come in at roughly 1½ minute per piece with a nice play. I found I did get a 518 Kbps bitrate and a video size of 320x240 when clicking on them. Downloading them is also possible. Personally, I wouldn't recommend the full screen viewing, there was just enough fuzziness to it that it hampered getting to see the tremors from her mid section, and, after all, for me, that was the best part of it all. I will confess that on the episodes that offered the break downs, I bypassed parts 1-3, going for the gusto of the finale with piece number 4, because quite frankly I found myself being a little bored by the foreplay parts.

As I mentioned earlier there is some bonus content of sort offered along with your membership fee. I found three video feeds, Wife Amateur Hour, (100% homemade amateur sex tapes made by husbands and wives), Wives Amateur Bushes (100% amateur submitted tapes of wives and their soft bushes), Wife Cream Pie (Completely amateur produced videos of husbands giving wives delicious cream pies). These are sections of nothing but video content, with a hint of interracial, cuckold and related stuff.

Well, well, well, what can I say about Real Wife Orgasms? I'll be honest and tell you that I'm a bit disappointed after looking at the well presented tour area. They don't hold true on the promises made in the fact that I didn't find daily updates, I didn't find a forum or a diary, the only text was the small write-ups that accompanied the episodes, but the biggest point is, the boredom overtook me through the majority of what's offered here. Barely any movement shows her excitement and arousal, only the final seconds of real orgasm where her throbbing mound is captured nicely was the best part for me. I got the impression the last update was done months ago, which means you may pay for months at a time with your fee, but how must material are you actually getting for your dollar? Repeat is fine when it's hot and captivating, but the time I spent here was plenty for me.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tom Byron produces the 4 MILF Superstar movie

I have received the Press Release saying that "Legendary Stars Shine in Seasoned Players 4: MILF Superstars!"
(VAN NUYS, CA) March 19, 2008 — Evolution Distribution (www. and Tom Byron Pictures announce the biggest MILF release yet – and a pre-release party extravaganza. Seasoned Players 4: MILF Superstars is set for street release in early April, and "this volume is poised to break all sales records," says Tom Byron himself! The famed director adds: "Seasoned Players is one of Tom Byron Pictures' most successful lines. This fourth edition is great. What an amazing cast!"

Seasoned Players 4: MILF Superstars features Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Keisha, Kylie Ireland and Lisa Ann – all legendary adult stars in their own rights (and with the assets and talent to prove they've still got 'it'). These women look great – and sure know how to please!

"I was so excited to work with Tommy again! We hadn't had sex in about 10 years and it was so much fun to see how we had changed…we are both MUCH nastier now!" said Kylie about her scene in Seasoned Players 4. "It really is an honor to be a part of this movie with Tommy and all these true legends."

On Tuesday, March 25th, the stars of Seasoned Players 4 are scheduled to appear at Sardo's in Burbank for the weekly blowout bash – Porn Star Karaoke! Tom Byron, Kylie Ireland and more for a wild night of hitting the right notes (well, at least trying) and partying! Host Tony Batman, media, adult industry VIP and more will be in attendance for this raucous, mandingo musical evening and celebratory cast party.
The night promises lots of drink specials and many giveaways compliments of Evolution Distribution, and the crowd should be huge! Porn Star Karaoke runs every Tuesday night and is located at: 259 N. Pass Avenue Burbank, CA; for bar information please go to www.Sardosbar .com. Arrive by 9:00pm for primo seats!
Clearly, with age comes wisdom… and knowing every sexy trick! If you love MILF titles, you have to add Seasoned Players 4: MILF Superstars to your collection! "Everyone did such an amazing job. Putting together such a legendary group was a daunting task, to be sure, but I think it was well worth it," says Byron, adding, "and I know it's destined to be a bonafide collector's item."
For retail ordering information, please contact Adam Hasner, Evolution Distribution Sales Manager, at 609-426-1777, ext. 233.

If you would like any productions stills, screeners, trailers or interviews with Tom Byron or any of the legendary performers involved, please email, or call 609-426-1777, ext. 558.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Janey's Web

This site is great for its 7+ Gb of content, for its 6 days a week updates , free daily livecams, and cornucopia of hardcore, including anal, facial creampies, gangbang etc.

First impression is that Janey the Milf is a hot amateur with a serious appetite for kinky sex if one is to judge from the steaming sample pictures... The design is simple but it seems to support the sweaty content well.
Our opinion: Janey Web is one of those sites with a really nice and simple interface that allows the visitor to go forth and back without getting lost. Now, that is nice, but what is even more impressing is that this amateur site contains a whole lot of nice pictures and movies of excellent quality.

All this great stuff is sorted in easily accessible picture and movie galleries, and what's even more impressing is that the movies are accompanied by descriptions of what happened at the 'session'. A nice personal feature, and depending on your preferences the movies can be watched by streaming or you can download them... even in zipped packages! Truly impressive!

Apart from the nice pics and movies there are a tons of additional features at this site, which makes each visit a delicious experience. For instance live cams, music, stories. Furthermore, one gets access to something, which reminds me of a certain swinger site. It's called, and it has a lot of hedonistic content on the menu that on can watch by streaming... this may however take quite a while depending on what you want to see combined with the speed of your Internet connection!

This site is not about Janey exclusively, in the sense that it involves Janey humping a lot of other hot amateurs as well. Now, this girl certainly has a serious craving for sex... she's certainly one of the most active amateurs I've ever seen. She's into threesomes, gangbangs, interracial, cuckold, milf, lesbian sex... you name it! The great part is that she obviously enjoys herself doing what she does best and so does her swinger friends obviously! In other words the content is great as well!

Nice amateur site, which offers truckloads of ORIGINAL porn that both in terms of content as well as picture quality is absolutely tip-top. If you're into watching an attractive slutwife fulfilling her greatest hotwife sexual fantasies and desires this is definitely the right place to start... besides, it's always nice to watch ordinary people like you and me freak out and perform crazy sex acts!

Furthermore, the interface supports the content brilliantly, and this is the reason why this amateur site is just a notch ahead of many other amateur sites! Only complaint: too many pop-ups... simply not necessary!

Please notice the prize as well... very recommendable!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Omar's Club for MILFS

Omar's Club for MILFS promises real amateur women playing with Omar's huge 11 inch black sausage. You'll see exclusive full length downloadable movies of women ranging in age from teens to MILFs, slutwives and housewives auditioning and/or doing the nasty with Omar in hardcore action. If you have a mobile, you can take Omar's Club with you through downloadable mobile videos. Membership to this site will also give you access to Omar's Casting Couch, which shows amateur auditions direct from Omar's casting couch. Additionally, there are some chat forums to round out your membership.

I had to do a double take because I swear Omar looks like an ex-boyfriend of my girlfriend. I have her now. I'm thinking this should be a fun site to review! It looks like Omar loves showing off his big black tool and using it to pleasure women of all ages in all sorts of positions. Sometimes I'm skeptical if real amateurs are used, but there's an email address to "apply" for the positions. Women of all shapes, sizes, and ages are shown, so perhaps these are indeed amateurs.

Navigation is simple at "Big Willy" Omar's official website; your choices are: Home, Videos, Quick Archives, Galleries, and Mobile Downloads. Quick Archives takes you to all of Omar's videos, displayed in 200x152 thumbnail previews, so you can quickly view his offerings.

In Galleries, you'll find 20 photo sets laid out in 200x250 thumbnails. These open to 363x550, which you can enlarge to 1000x1515. Oddly, some of these photos are flipped on their sides, which makes viewing difficult, unless you can make your head parallel to the floor. Don't expect to see Omar in every one of these galleries; only in a handful did Omar make an appearance. Most of them had hardcore lesbian action or women with other men. There are 30 photos in each gallery, with a lot of hardcore and up close good quality action.

If you like porn on your mobile, don't miss Mobile Archives. This features 19 episodes to download and enjoy porn on the go. Each episode has 4 clips and is broken down into BJ, cum shot, copulating, and anal, so you can get to the part you love best.

Below the simple menu are the videos from both Omar's Club and Omar's Casting Couch laid out in batches of several good sized thumbnails and a description. There are around 70 episodes, varying in length from around 15 minutes to over 30 minutes long. The screen quality in streaming is fairly good in full screen, and buffering doesn't take long. When downloaded, the movies range in quality; some are just decent and some are very clear. The quality diminishes a bit in full screen mode. Downloaded, they open to a 352x288 screen size at 763 kbps. For best viewing pleasure, use the latest Windows Media Player version. If you don't have it, there's a handy download link to it when you first enter Omar's

Omar's Club frequently reminds you to check out its sister site, Omar's Casting Couch, as part of your membership. Here you'll find amateurs of all shapes, sizes, age, and skin color doing test videos for Omar. Some are nervous, but their cute embarrassment soon disappears with the help of Omar's fun attitude. He often gives them suggestions while he moves the camera all around the women or couples, getting some really good close up views. There are 26 casting couch episodes laid out with good sized thumbnails. These videos show in a 344x264 pixel screen. When you double the size, the quality doesn't diminish. The videos are usually 10 minutes in length and are very believable that these are people new to posing nude for the camera.

Downloading takes a while, so sit back and enjoy the Hardcore Porn Galleries. There are 20 laid out in 200x200 thumbnails. These open to 349x550 pixels with the option of enlarging them to 508x800. The pictures have good quality, with some hardcore close up shots. Omar is in almost all of them and actually cross dresses in a couple of the sets.

As to the forums promised in the tour, there is no link directly to them. You have to scroll down on the Home page of Omar's Club and click on the banner advertising it. They're new so there's not much activity there yet.

Omar's Club is a pretty good site if you like seeing hardcore action with a likeable black fellow with a big cock. His cock so big he can take his pants off and still have it plugged in a busty babe's pussy. He also has some adorably nervous and sweet amateurs getting uninhibited for the camera in Omar's Casting Couch. Both sites, which come with your membership, contain a lot of interracial hardcore action with good close up shots. The quality could be better, and price is a bit steep for a month's membership, but all in all, Omar's Club is a pretty good site.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Analysis of My MILF Boss

I found that My MILF Boss is made up of:

-All exclusive bossy-looking milfs
- Weekly updates
- Over 40 categories of videos
- Razor sharp video quality
- Porn star database (over 5,500 models)
- Simple navigation
- Access to over 100 exclusive reality sites

What would be your impression?

I have to admit to some skepticism of My MILF Boss, merely because of the "All exclusive milfs" claim. In the tour, there are well known porn stars featured, so I'm not sure why they're considered exclusive. Some of them are on other milf sites, too, so it's not as though they're "exclusive" to the milf genre. Well, there's only one way to find out if this site lives up to its hefty tour promises. Let's head on in.

in my opinion,

Navigation looks a bit busy, so let me take it from the top. The navigation menu includes Latest Updates, Featured Series, Videos, Pictures, Model Index, Live Girls, Mandingo Milfs, and Bonus Sites. Along the side and in the middle of the home page are other navigation menus. Although some of it is worded slightly different, it's still the same menu, so don't waste your time thinking it's something more. I find three menus to the same places rather annoying. "Latest Updates" has the most recent updates. These are 7 days' worth of updates, which shows what's been loaded to the site the past couple days, as well as today and the next couple days. There's a ton of updates, but don't get too excited. Most of these are updates to the bonus sites and have nothing to do with My Milf Boss. "Videos" connects you to about a 100 scenes of milf porn, but these aren't from the My MILF Boss episodes either.

"Pictures" contains over 3,500 hi res milf galleries. These open to 600x800 and are just okay, considering they're "hi res." Some of them actually look more like screen caps. Speaking of which, there are also over 4,300 milf screencap galleries. They open to 696x467 and are really crappy quality, even considering they're screen caps. I don't even know half of these are included; they look more like pictures photographers throw out because the quality is so bad. Both of the hi (cough, cough) res and screencap galleries let you choose to view milfs in their 30's, 40's, or 50's. There's also a choice of "All Categories" under "Pictures." These contain all the categories within the bonus network.

"Bonus Sites" gives you access to about 100 additional sites in various niches. While you may be interested in some of these - they do have more milf sites - they also include around 30 sites in the gay, bi, and shemale category. I don't think there's much cross over amongst milf lovers and gay, bi, and shemale lovers. Rounding out the menu options are "Model Index" - arranged alphabetically by first name - and "Live Girls," which takes you to a webcam site.

Okay, so where's My MILF Boss? Well, click on "Featured" Series," and you'll see the episode previews in several tiny (130x88) thumbnails, with accompanying description. There are 20 scenes. That's it - only 20. The last update was August 11, 2007. Apparently Milfs aren't getting any more jobs. There's no pattern to the updates either. There's a bunch of updates, then nothing for a month. Considering there hasn't been an update in over 3 months, I have to wonder if this site has been abandoned.

At any rate, under "Featured Series" is where you can stream or download the only 20 scenes. You can download in iPod (162MB), WMV (265MB), and Xvid (High Quality AVI - 520 MB). I watch my videos in WMV, and they played in a 480x360 (1.07 Mbps) very good quality screen; full screen mode diminishes quality signficantly. The videos I saw were over 30 minutes long. While porn isn't known for its plot, there were some realistic story lines in here: a female boss unhappy with her male employee's work performance, so she checks out his off-hours performance; a woman who doesn't have the money for expensive air conditioning repairs, so she suggests she work off the bill in a sexual way. There are a lot of good quality hardcore close ups. These milfs get in all sorts of positions, and the men get as much milf action out of them as possible.

Each episode had a photo gallery to go along with it. The pictures opened to pretty good quality 533x800 pixels. There's no zip download or slide show options. Also, after looking at each picture, don't use your back button, or you'll be kicked out of the gallery you were viewing. Click on "Close" to get back to the thumbnail gallery, or click "Prev" or "Next" to see the previous or next photo.


I was happy to get out of My MILF Boss. I didn't like it one bit. The navigation was my first impression, and it was too tricky. By that I mean it wasn't straight forward at all. There were three menus, which were basically the same, but worded differently. There were links to other content within these menu items, which is kind of like going through a maze to find all the relevant menu links.

What little content of My MILF Boss (20 episodes) that was here was good. The videos were entertaining enough, but the thing is, the last update was over three months ago. Are there no more milf bosses to be found? Mainly, this is a site you join to get access to the network, which contains over 12,300 videos, over 2,300 DVDs, almost 3 million pictures, 105 bonus sites and almost 4,000 video hours. That's impressive for a network, just don't expect much inside My MILF Boss.
*Фишки лица
Thanks,h, j i

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

News and Polls from Ampland

AmpLand says it now presents what you have been waiting for: "We fixed the humor section! Well, we finally did it! Actually, we tried over 20 times deleting it time and time again, but alas, patience delivers new laughs daily. Check out the new Ampland Adult Humor section here. We now even host funny adult videos as well as the funny pictures and is now updated more often than just daily for satisfying the gigglesnort within."

"Last month, we introduced WinAMP XXX Favorites that allowed you to save your favorite XXX gallery links on AmpLand for fast retrieval and future enjoyment. We have now added the feature to the Ampland Archive, so you can now add any of these galleries to your webpage. If you are new and want to learn more about myAMP, (It's 100% Free and freakin' simple to use)."

Note that Ampland has the largest gallery making it more fun than Pussy Links, Hoes.Com Porn, AL4A.Com, Snakesworld, Shemp.Com, Free-Sex.Com, and SleazyDream.Com, supplying more material than ever covering your favorite subjects like cuckolds (really new), milfs, housewives, prizewives, hotwives, swingers, interracial, mandingo, voyeur, slutwives, fishki, gangbangs, Latinas and many more.

And some of the recent Ampland polls.
Ampland's Boner material poll:

 : Kate Beckinsale
 : Marisa Miller
 : Katherine Heigl
 : Eva Mendes
 : Jessica Alba
 : Alessandra Ambrosio
 : Jessica Biel
 : Scarlett Johansson
 : Beyonce
 : Gisele Bundchen

Favorite Classic Porn Movie? 3653 votes cast

Deepthroat 84223.0%
Debbie Does Dallas 74020.3%
Taboo 74020.3%
Behind The Green Door 42711.7%
The Devil In Miss Jones 3409.3%
Other 3178.7%
Little Girls Blue 2476.8%

Camel Toe most desired to see? 5932 votes cast

Jessica Alba 190232.1%
Jennifer Aniston 127221.4%
Angelina Jolie 101717.1%
Paris Hilton 60410.2%
Victoria Beckham 5839.8%
Lindsay Lohan 5549.3%

The celebrity I would like to boff:

Anna Kournikova 265431.2%
Maria Sharapova 198523.4%
Danica Patrick 145417.1%
Michelle Wie 7468.8%
Natalie Gulbis 6307.4%
Anika Sorenstan 3664.3%
Gabrielle Reece 2442.9%
Marion Jones 1992.3%
Lokelani McMichael 1201.4%
Swin Cash 991.2%

*Фишки лица
Thanks,h, j i

Monday, March 17, 2008

Naughty Allie

Naughty Allie is a Midwestern swinger who, together with her cuckold husband, Jake, launched her own porn site three years ago. Sir Rodney just got around to re-reviewing it. You can be sure we won't wait this long next time. Allie's site is all grown up now, almost three times bigger, featuring over 75 scenes of Allie, Jake, and their hot, swinging friends.

Allie is a tall blonde milf with large, shapely tits in her mid-to-late 20s, a little too hot and oversexed to be a typical housewife or hotwife, or wifey, if you will, under any circumstances. Jake and the highly orgasmic, dirty-talking Allie give us a detailed, honest look at their naughty swinger lifestyle through solo, lesbian, threesomes, foursomes and outright orgies. The Vegas video features 14 people simultaneously. The performers may be amateur (we are pretty sure it's not staged, but this is one of those sites where at times it is hard to tell). We especially enjoyed some of the lesbian scenes. Allie and Juliette's double-dildo action is riveting; we saved that one for further (ahem) study.

The still section is also notable. The 100+ still photo sets are accompanied by Allie's spicy narratives, making them a bit naughtier than most. There are also 4 cam shows a week that promise even more naughtiness. In addition, Allie's house is set up with live cams, so you can check out Allie and Jake in their natural habitat at all hours of the day and night. When we checked in, there were over 100 people watching Allie have coffee (the drink, not the Mandingo kind) with her dogs (the animal kind) in the bedroom.

Allie's site feautres dozens of photo sets and over 75 fully downloadable 15- to 30-minute movies in an intuitive, easy to use, and unpretentious layout. Movies are easy to download, and offer previews through screen shots. On the negative side, we found downloading the high quality movie option to be a on the slow side. A 150 mb movie took over 30 minutes to download. There is no streaming option, either. The low bandwidth option is naturally is a lot faster, but lower in quality. A DVD-quality option is coming soon.

Extras include access to a huge archive of hundreds of streaming cam shows from the Camz archive (yawn), and galleries from Allie's hot swinging friends who have web sites of their own.
Фишкины лица
Thanks,h, j i

Sunday, March 16, 2008

All About The Habib Show

If you've never seen raw, genuine reality video before - hot and unfolding events as people are living it - this is your chance for an education. The Habib Show brings you all the gritty, surprising, as-it-happens action from the adventures of a self-proclaimed "retired Seven Eleven worker".

Habib lives in The Hood and pursues most of his carnal action in and around his home stomping ground. You will meet an amazing array of 100% authentic hood characters with whom Habib interacts and shares his sex outings, discoveries and personal contacts. And as Habib says up front, he beds whatever comes - the good, the bad and the ugly, even the fat, the drug addicted and the just plain suburban housewives.

Somewhere amid TheHabibShow video action, Habib manages to shoot stills. To date, there are 66 galleries with an average of 30 images per set. A few are too dark, typical reality fare, but most of the produce, like the videos are okay viewing once you accept the limitations of a bona fide reality shoot.

On the other hand, the videos come in a range of quality, but the best is superior-looking Windows Media format. Much of the action is Hood-based, but Habib does make some trips to Thailand, the Dominican Republic, Mexico – and here he gets the chance to shoot some high-res product. Note, there is one trip to the Dominican Republic that produced a mammoth 90-minute video with 100s of pics.

See the milk-squirting ho, Habib's penchant for baby oil, his romp with the convenience store girl, ho sex with her while the pimp   was still in the room. Read Habib's fabulous story text attached to each of the 106 videos, filled with the flavor of having been there, and all the spelling mistakes of someone with high school English and no proofing skills.

Then, before you commit yourself, check out the two-to-four-minute previews of every video this guy has made on the front web page. He is an open book, a real storyteller and reporter at heart. Take a tour through the wildlands with salt-of-the-Earth Habib.

Finally, it is Habib's personal approach to the people he encounters that gives a special quality to this site. He is a fundamentally happy and curious positive Arab guy, who will take almost anything these people give him – and bed almost everyone and definitely film the lot.

For a typical 30-day membership fee, and a great longer-term offer, The Habib Show will keep you supplied with plenty of sexual and sociological adventures that are worthy of any reality connoisseur.

Thanks,h, j i

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

All about The Swinging Slut

Bianca Black is a prizewife who, with the consent and encouragement of her cuckold husband, loves to cavort with other men and women. This Swinging Slut happily exposes herself and her libidinous exploits. Bianca's exploits almost always feature Mandingos. She says she still has sex with white guys, but there is nothing she likes more than a black guy with a big black appendage to stuff her yoni (yup she also loves intergluteal carnality). This dark-haired Milf went from a nervous snowflake, the wrong side of the tracks woman at a swingers club four years ago to become a member-(pun intended)-hungry slut for dark sausage and you will crave her.

Speaking of the network, Swinging Slut is part of the 4 Real Amateurs network and as such your membership gets you full access to the 12 other sites. Like Bianca's content, the stuff available among the bonus sites is also of variable quality and while some is downloadable, some isn't. However, because they also fall into the slutty amateur category you will probably quite enjoy the bonus content and it should add to the worthiness of SwingingSlut.

Bianca and her squirting yoni are great and the amount of content available is also quite nice. However, the fact that the quality of the content ranges from very bad to average and the downloadability is hit and miss I can't give Swinging Slut as high a recommendation as I would have liked.

Thanks,h, j i,

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The latest update on Wives Gone Black

This site is a bit like the old TV commercial "you got chocolate in my peanut butter" (you got black studs in my MILF site ;) Unfortunately, beyond the tour pages, the interracial action is not otherwise set up. The attractive and horny thirtysomething hotwife sluts seem to enjoy themselves in well over 20 original videos. We especially enjoyed the enthusiastic Ami Charms, who gives a great gonzo fellatio and takes a mouthful. The fun stops when you go to download or stream. There are as many segments here as a redhead has freckles and although quick to download, these no-scenario (very important in a purported MILF site) videos get repetitive in spite of otherwise hot XXX action. The vids are well indexed (each segment has a thumbnail) but I'd give up the indexing in a flash for less butchering. No extras.

Good news, though! In 10 months Wives Gone Black has done a complete redesign of their site and raised the price by 5 bucks. Unfortunately they have also hardly updated and haven't improved the quality of the videos. Every wonder what wifey is doing while you are away at work? Well, if she's anything like the white wives found here at Wives Gone Black, she's fantasizing about a whole lot of black appendage!

Tawni is a prime example. As she is rubbing her horny yoni on the chair, she tells us how it's her fantasy to feel a black cock in her wet hole. Tawni's dark desires soon turn to reality as Tawni is next seen sucking a dark chocolate dick before some hardcore fucking action ensues.

Along with Tawni, you will find 40 other episodes inside the members' area full of horny white women just aching to take on some black man meat. There is even one episode that sees one such "wife" take on five black studs at once! All the videos are 100% downloadable and play with Windows Media player at both low (320x240 107kbps) and high speed (320x240 350kbps) options.

Photos are also provided to compliment each interracial episode though you won't find the quality as good as seen in the videos. Most of the pictures are quite grainy but those who are here for the movie footage will be satisfied.

There is no free bonus content included with your membership to WivesGoneBlack although there is link where you can purchase DVD or VHS hardcore movies. However, for $5 extra per month you can receive access to 6 other sites.

Wives Gone Black is an entertaining site full of hardcore interracial sex sure to heat up the nights of its members. From great lingam sucking scenes to hardcore group action and back door entries, these wives do it all for a taste of black sausage!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Expose on Velvet Ecstasy

Real couples. Real fantasies. Real sex. Velvet Ecstasy is where lust and creativity come together! Velvet Ecstasy shows that hardcore sex doesn't have to be fake or crass. Rather, it proves that real sex between real couples is the hottest sex of all.

Once inside VelvetEcstasy, you can choose to browse the extensive exclusive section or the friends area. The exclusive couples are categorized by type (asian, Latina, mature, hotwife, milf, interracial, swinging, etc), alphabetically or by year of posting. A trip to their exclusive content should be your first stop. Here, you will find around 400 episodes. Each episode has about fifty pictures of the real life couples in high-res (1024x768).

The videos can be streamed straight to your screen or downloaded to your hard drive in Windows Media format. The movies range in length from 10 to over 20 minutes and are broken into parts. For downloads, you have the choice of 320x240 or 640x480 screen size options as well as the full clip or just the facial scene. Videos at the higher quality look great.

A full description and the action featured in each video is prominently displayed. Additionally, various actions are available from masturbation, oral sex, footjobs, sex, tantra and tantric worship, and anal. All episodes end in a creamy facial. The sound and video quality is excellent and apart from some tacky music behind the scenes of some of the movies, these videos were a real treat to watch! There are even behind-the-scenes video for many of the episodes which are real fun.

The friends section is where over 50 other sites offer sample galleries and some video clips to Velvet Ecstasy members. Mandy XXX (Mandingo), Tempting Eve, Tammy Moreno and Reality Wife are just a few choices. Members also have access to many facial ejaculation stories, letters and diary entries in the stories section.

You also have access to a large number of bonus sites including XXX web hosting feeds, Viv Thomas' video gallery, UK Amateurs, First Time Videos and Oral Amateurs. Both the exclusive section and friends section is updated four to five times per week with new content.

Velvet Ecstasy is the perfect site for amateur lovers. This site showcases real couples living out their fantasies and brings it all to you in true amateur form. The couples are enjoyable, the sex is hot and you will be cumming back for more and more!

Thanks,h, j i,

Friday, March 7, 2008

Rihanna and Black Moon Risin'

Rihannas' record label is fuming at her for having a relationship with Chris Brown, and they quoted that it is bad for her "CROSSOVER" image. They didn't have any problems with her dating Josh Hartnett, so we guess by crossover they mean to the white audience. Reverse Mandingo? I guess they want to show to the white male population that she is attracted to them, anyhow we don't get why Hartnett is a yes, and Brown is a no. This suggests how the black man in America might be discriminated to date a fine looking black woman. It is all the rage when a hotwife, milf celebrity dates a black man, but nobody bitches about Halle, Rhianna, the bowie wife and all the sexy black women that marry or date black men.

CANOGA PARK, Calif. — Mercenary Pictures presents five all-new beautiful black sluts fresh to adult video in the latest addition to its critically acclaimed ethnic amateur series, Black Moon Risin' 7.
Directed by former performer and adult industry veteran Tina Tyler, Black Moon Risin' 7, features Brown Sugar, Staci Adams, Kacy Bunny, Isabella De la Cruz and Sandi Jackman as well as Jon Jon, Ice Cold, AVN Award winner Mr. Marcus and three time AVN Male Performer of the Year and Mercenary Pictures owner Lexington Steele.

"The quality of the girls that enter the business amazes me because we're always able to fill Black Moon Risin', as well as Mercenary's other new girl series Fresh Out the Box, with milfettes who are sexually mature enough to know what they can handle and what they're comfortable with on camera," Tyler, who also directs SuperWhores, IronHead and Handyman for the company, said. "Mercenary only films women who know what they like and who can handle themselves in a scene."

Tyler's talent and skill as a director is her ability to build a rapport with the performers and respect what they bring to a scene, Steele added.

"Tina's worked in front of the camera and has first hand knowledge of what puts the talent in their comfort zone," Steele said. "This really helps her when she's working with gentle giants that have done their fair share of titles, but it's invaluable when she's working with a debutante who's on one of her first scenes, if not the first. You couldn't ask for someone better than Tina to shoot your first scene."

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rare Glimpse Into Lauren Sands Inner Sanctum

What would we do without daring hotwives pushing the envelope? Certainly not a lot of self gratification, that's for sure. At Lauren Sands such an intrepid milfette displays personal videos and pictures that will make you want to cum back over and over. Oh, and she is a butt fanatic! Best of all we have seen an explosion of slut content over the few months since we last updated this site, which makes it well worth the money!
Taken right from the opening page as a really personal, real-life swinger encounter, Lauren Sands offers users an intimate experience. Given the ability to contact her personally allows you to make special requests or just get to know this lusty slut. There are 315 picture sets (updated weekly) that feature Lauren in various situations, a lot of them centering around her prizewife butt, though we are not sure if she is a fully accredited housewife. These medium-quality pics have been taken on vacations, at swingers' parties, or just in her hotwife bedroom.
Showing off her fabulous above mentioned ass and other curvaceous bits, Lauren takes you on a salivating journey through her carnal exploits. There are hardcore shots here too, not just solo action (although the huge set of synthetic well-endowed lingams is one not to be missed!) With around 94 individual shots per set, there is ample content here for you to enjoy.

Also pushing the envelope are LaurenSands' videos. These 242 downloadable movies feature several of the locations where the pictures were shot as well as a few exclusive Mandingo encounters not seen on other parts of the website. Watch as she takes on multiple partners and allows some creamy loads to spill over her pretty face. These vids are amateurish and as such have a medium quality, but it is so scrumptiously hot to see such a libidinous amateur allow a peek into her milfy sex life.

In addition to the main content, you will have access to 10 bonus sites, including SheLikesItBig, ExtremeFuckToys, HerFirstATM and RealGangbangsXXX.  Moreover, there are streaming videos and bonus fellow slutwife galleries with regular to nearly high-res galleries.  However, only NaughtyJulie's Xeon streaming video server was in working order when I visited the site.  Hopefully, the four other friends' videos will be repaired soon.
As a bonus, the main content archives hosts one movie that you can download features Lauren receiving numerous ejaculations on her glute and face. Plus, there are 454 butt, 110 breast, 180 yoni, 188 eyes and 201 fellatio galleries.

Overall, Lauren Sands is a steamy exploration of a milfette's exploits. It's obvious that she enjoys what she does and takes her members, and her members' members into consideration when planning what to add to the site. This kind of personal attention pushes the existing xxx buffet into one that well deserves a gander.

Thanks to our friends at, and Millicent,

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Visit to Sierra's Hotwifey Mass Facial Center

You may be a staunch fan of Crista Moore, but her youthful carnality still bows before the sumptuous curves of the ever-young, the qween of mature, the libidinous hotwife and wifey: Sierra is a curvaceous lady, approximately 5'2 and 130 pounds – the kind of woman seen in any local shopping center. Where Sierra differs from the "average" woman is that she is a self-professed white slutwife who can't get enough black appendage. And when Sierra states that she craves to please large amounts of guys and will do just about anything to please them – she means it!

Once inside Sierras Dark Desires, you are confronted with two free sites that come with your membership – which seems a little odd – but at least you know where to find your bonus content. These sites include amateurs Amber (another Mandingo milf/hotwife) and Bob & Sass, old timers from Yahoo Groups, a bi-sexual pair who both like to suck lingam. Next you will find a box menu of ten different sections where all SierrasDarkDesires content is located.

The Interracial action section includes thousands of exclusive interracial xxx pics featuring gang bangs, deep anal, double penetrations, throat penetrations and lots of generously slathering facials. The photos are amateurishly delicious in style and quality – but should be in keeping with what you would find from an amateur site.

A Smoking Soccer Mom and Stockings & Heels photo sections are also available with a good amount of picture content in each. And for those who are looking for even more photo content, be sure to check out the Web's Hottest Amateurs section where well over 30 other galleries are available.

The Movie Clips section is where you will find the majority of video choices – although some movie files can be found in with the other links including the Smoking and Interracial sections. Clips are offered in various sizes and formats – avis, mpegs and wmv's playable with Windows Media or Real Player.

The clips are divided into two sections, one for dial-up connections and the others for those with high speed. For better results, it is recommended that you download these clips first to your hard drive, then view. The clips range in length from sweet and short (15 seconds) to 20 minutes in length. The quality again is amateurish and some of the videos are a touch out of focus.

An Amateur Cam section, short stories, e-zines, Sierra's scrapbook and a personals section is also added content found inside the members' area, along with the two free bonus, or boners' sites.

When Sierra sets up a hot interracial gang bang, the action is hot, hardcore and loaded with messy climaxes. This amateur lady knows exactly what she likes and you want to see and she isn't shy about taking it either. For hardcore interracial copulating, sucking and gangbang action, Sierra's darkest desires is the place to be.
o Mrs. Femdom, or Millicent, or Joy.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tracy The Real Tampa Swinger, Milf, And Mandingo Candy

Those naughty Floridians are at it again. Real Tampa Swingers chronicles the adventures of one voracious middle-aged Milf named Tracy who loves sex plain and simple and whose husband loves to watch her have it with as many people as possible.

RealTampaSwingers is an amateur site with a design to match.  It isn't the best looking site out there, but given the huge amount of content available, it is fairly easy to navigate nonetheless. There are over 350 episodes of her escapades dating back all the way to 2,000 which includes solo, one-on-one and, of course, group action as she takes on four to five next-door type guys.

These aren't your typical hardcore stars. Rather you're seeing real people enjoying some really steamy action. There is a sizable interracial collection as well. The images are average-quality, but I found them to be very erotic. Similarly the videos provided accounts of the steamy sex that this cock hungry gal finds.

What makes the content even hotter are the background stories that lead up to the encounters such as seducing a black delivery guy or taking on four horny businessmen. Video quality has improved over time and the new movies do look better. However, the quality is still average only, although the few recent we watched were very watchable and very freshly amateur.

This is real swinging captured for your enjoyment and I found it to be quite hot. A mentionable footnote is that much of this content is cross-shared and heavily hyperlinked, so you'll find it other places as well, such as the six amateur swinging bonus sites. However, the content's erotic appeal remains undiminished. In addition, you're connected to a larger contact network of swingers and have access to the archives from past years. When you are in the mood for swinging, this is definitely a stop you should enjoy.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Diary Of A MILF

One of the stand-out features of the moms on Diary Of A MILF is mammaries. Many of these babes have big ones. Some have juggernauts. Still, that's not the focus of the site. The premise here is theft - sneaking into the diaries of MILFs and uncovering the desires, fantasies and carnal exploits of these 'sensuality-crazed' mature femmes.

Another point of difference on DiaryOfAMILF, compared to many other MILF sites, is it's not all 20-something guys banging away at these broads. Sometimes a MILF does get her hands on the innocent son of an unwary friend. Nevertheless, other times it's the babe's hubby proving to her he's still got what it takes to satisfy her voracious needs.

So these babes are simply going for what they can get their hands on. Like Mrs Swede giving her ex-boyfriend one for the road, and Mrs Iloveyoni (pronounce phonetically) generously teaching the 'lay of the land' to her friend's son, who is not so smooth with the ladies. These older femmes are good-looking hussies, but even a well-cared for MILF gets pimples on her butt, as we see with Mrs Weigel (Teri?). Moreover, she in turn has to contend with a pot-bellied husband out to prove he can keep up with her.

There is plenty of action to view on Diary Of A MILF with a new video and photo gallery uploaded every week. At this point, core content includes 84 movies and 84 pic sets come nearly high-res that range from 100 to 200 stills. There is also a lower-res option with each gallery set and you get Zip file downloads for convenience.

With the videos, members are treated to a variety of download options. Full files and clips come in excellent Windows Media, great MPEG and good QuickTime. Some are in high, medium and low connection options, some in high and low, others with just the one option. An iPod version is offered at full file only. The clips run for around four to five minutes each, while the full files average 25 minutes but can edge closer to an hour's viewing. It would behoove one to wait for a podcast(?)

Being part of and exclusive to the Naughty America network, Diary Of A MILF is able to offer its members both a medium monthly fee and free access to 17 bonus sites, including more MILF and more diary-based porn.

It also offers a couple of trial options for those wanting to dip the toe. With quantity building at a good pace, and quality and download options built in, Diary of a MILF is a satisfying contribution to niche and hardcore fans.